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Here's what we think about stuff

Welcome to SoulScrub

By Chris Gimby - 20th May 2021

I guess I'll start a blog. I wonder what else I can do to put off actually putting in the work, whatever that may be. My brain isn't doing anything right now, and I can't quite tell if I'm making any decisions. I'm literally just letting my hands do their thing. I think if I thought about it too much they'd probably stop shaping out words, so I guess I'll let them do their thing for now. 

SoulScrub's been a long time coming. Probably still a long time coming too. The name came from a brainstorm I did in 2015 when I was trying to think of a name for a performance night that just got handed to me by a friend. It was in a venue that used to be a strip club, and there was still a pole on the stage. If you google SoulScrub, alongside us you'll come across a popular erotic hypnosis file by a hypnotist named Nimja. I didn't realise this until after I had already registered the word with Company House as the name for this project, but I was quite into erotic hypnosis in those days, so there's a chance the name filtered through my subconscious from that particular source, rather than it being something I came up with myself. It hasn't stopped me accepting compliments on what a fun phrase it is though... 

Also, SoulScrub conjures up considerably more pleasant phantasiai than if I'd gone with Third Eye Prolapse.

That performance night was super wholesome. I recruited a team of do-gooder musicians that I had encountered playing around Edinburgh, and asked them to speak about their beliefs and politics in between each song they played, so we could all learn from their wisdom. This was the part of SoulScrub that set it apart from other performance nights - this was for folk who consciously created their art with the intention of making the world a better place. We had Dan Collins, the musical political commentator crusader. Christy Kat, queer troubador extrordinaire. Katya Mansell, the champion of all things kind and friendly. Raph Lenman, the DIY poster child, setting the beat of the pulse for the whole local punk scene. And lil ol' me, the drunk and stoned paranoid tranny with a messiah complex 🤙