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I Found Utopia

I found Utopia, near the top of Scotland

On the north east coast of the land

I found community in the middle of nowhere

After moving from a flat to a caravan

City life was pulling me under

I had been drowning in the masses for years

No matter where I looked, I just couldn't find peace

I used up all my energy distracting myself from the fear

That I was doomed to feel alone

In crowded rooms with my best friends

So I coped by staying stoned

Which only made me feel more anxious in the end

Any time I went out, there was so much input

When I stopped moving I didn't know where to look

The safest I would feel was in a movie or a book

But even then I'd have the creeping sense that I was missing out

But I found Utopia, spread out through all the beauty

It's the simplest of places, where free actually means free

From the muddled expectations of the crowded intersections

And for the first time ever I don't feel like I'm crazy

I tried for so long to lose myself to romantic love

As I'm sure you'll know passionate sex is a powerful drug

But exploring intimacy lost its magic soon enough

And before we knew it we'd become highly skilled media buffs

It makes sense that time spent helps us feel so comfortable with another

It can feel nice to share the me-time with a significant other

But we grow into the same middle person instead of two opposite lovers

And our interests begin to shrink down to what we agree on

We get what we ask for; we lose ourselves

But repetition's how things get old

I need to understand and learn about myself first

Because lead gets dirty and I only want to share gold

Then I came across Utopia and I did it alone

I left my life behind in a place I thought would always be home

I didn't yet understand that my home is where my heart is

And as long as I keep it on me then my home is truly my own

Money. Fuck. That awful word.

It's a stupid fucking concept, causing nothing but hurt

It's nothing more than false energy, a placeholder for time

But there's no refunds on that shit.

In the city, it is god, it's the source of everyone's pain

There's very little that seems to happen without that capital stain

There's no room to grow food, so we all go to Tesco

Constantly trying to save money, deeper infecting our brains

Before I left town, I had gotten relatively comfortable,

Getting paid minimum wage for doing virtually nothing for 40+ hours a week.

All my money went on pizza, and drugs to distract me from the disconnected life I was living.

And I was one of the lucky ones,

Because I didn't have to sacrifice my mind for my wallet

(although I was always skint);

I just chose to exist within a system that went against everything that I believed in.

Even though I didn't have a clue what that was.


I took loads of acid in the months before I left

And saw the futility of trying to find peace around so many other lost souls

There's too many answers to be found in the midst of so much interaction

Everyone's rubbing up against each other, trying to fill the black holes


So I tuned in, dropped out, now I'm WWOOFing on a farm

and I spent last weekend dancing to folk bands in a barn

At an anarcho folk festival, a gathering of beautiful weirdos

And they've been living like this up and out here for years!

The only rule we follow here is Love.

Decisions aren't made from up above

Everybody's equal and respects all other people

We know we have each other and that's enough

I found Utopia soon after escaping to find me

Although I still have a long way to go, definitely

But now I know I'm not alone on this quest for something better;

I found my one true love, and it's called Anarchy.