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What questions do I have ask myself if I wanna know my right answers?

What will I have to leave behind?

What is the point of carrying on living if there's no point to anything?

What direction should I look to find

The truth about what I am?

Am I more than just human?

Is there more to I than me?

Where do I have to go if I want to escape it all?

Where should I look to find others like me?

Where in my body do my orgasms originate from?

Where in the world can I be free

To fully explore who I am?

Is there a right way to be human?

Am I done when I die as me?

Who am I to say how others should live?

Who do I turn to when I fuck everything up?

Who am I? Who are you? Who knows anything?

Who is big enough to fit my kind of love?

Is there a point of no return or is it relative to my size?

Is there only one way for me to crystallise?

Is there more than One truth in this matrix of lies?

Is the world gonna follow me through Your eyes?

When do we leave?

When did we start?

When do we finish?

When stops my heart.

Why do I cry when I see myself in Your eye?

Why do “grown up” people stop asking why?

Why do perfect systems still decay and die?

Why are we afraid to look at other people's eyes?

Why do I cry when I see myself in Your eye?

Why do “grown up” people stop asking why?

Why do perfect systems still decay and die?

Why can't We be the same thing as I?



A question for each belief.


I am the point (moving along a line (exploring boundaries (loving (wisdom (intuitively (creating))))).


Yes, I am everything.

I am every other me too.


They'll find me when I'm ready.

The middle point of interaction.

Between my ears. Then I can be free to explore me anywhere.

Yep. There's also a left way, a diagonal way and a squiggly way.

Nope. Me died last week and I'm still here.

Hitler Jesus.

The Unconditionals.

Me. You. Us.

I am.


I think so, but maybe not.

I don't think so, but maybe.

That's a weird question dude.

The beginning of the next.

The end of the last.

When we become something else.

Ok then.

Because I had been staring at them for 7 or 8 minutes straight.

Cuz mummy and daddy didn't like playing circles of why.

Death is the only perfect state. Inject anything into time and it decays back to perfect.

There's nowhere to hide within mutual visibility.

Repetition makes things old x 3

We are I am We